Getting To Know The SUPRA CBS Code

What  Is A SUPRA CBS Code?

What Is A SUPRA CBS Code, & Why Does A Photographer Need It?

A SUPRA CBS Code is simply a security measure to ensure that you have authorized a SUPRA Affiliate to enter your listing, and that they cannot enter without your permission.

Knowing More About Your SUPRA CBS Code Is Helpful For You

It is surprising the number of Realtors who have used SUPRA boxes "forever", and don't know what a CBS code is. It's a very helpful little key that lets you further protect your clients home from unexpected intrusions.

In short, the CBS code is a 7 digit code that every SUPRA box has. It can be used to ensure that nobody enters a property without proper authorization. This can be very helpful with clients who have a keen eye on security, and need that extra assurance that nobody will be entering their home without your prior knowledge.

As SUPRA Affiliate members, we have the same kind of key that Realtors have with one exception. We need the CBS (security) code in order to enter the home. Read more below to find out how it works.


CBS Code Helps Your Support Teams Work More Closely With You.

If you are a licensed real estate agent, and have ever relied on appraisers, photographers, inspectors, stagers, or other real estate related support businesses, then there is a very good reason that you should know what a CBS code is, and how to obtain it for your SUPRA lock box.

Knowing more about your SUPRA CBS code will help your support businesses to work more closely with you which ultimately saves you time, effort, and money.


Allow Only Those Who Need Access.

Think of the CBS code as a super secret access code that you can pass along to anyone you want to have access to a property that you represent.

Once the Affiliate (Photographer) has the CBS code, you no longer need to meet the photographer, inspector, bug guy, (etc...) at the property. The Affiliate can let themselves in, perform their task, and leave without you needing to be there!


For SUPRA Affiliates, the CBS Code Is REQUIRED

SUPRA Affiliates are required to use the CBS code even if the requirement isn't activated on your SUPRA lock-box. This is a precaution to ensure that only licensed Realtors have access to the property without the CBS code.

Giving an Affiliate the CBS code is a way of saying.... "I trust you, and have given you permission to enter."


Why do Affiliates Need the CBS code, and Realtors Don't?

It's simple really.... As licensed Realtors, you have special priveledges that are not given to Affiliates. You went through ethics training, you are required to have a license to operate, and you have earned the trust of your local authorities to enter homes equipped with a SUPRA.

By giving the Affiliate your CBS code, you are ensuring that they have permission to enter that property.

Ask yourself this one question. Would you want any "Joe Schmoe" with a camera entering your property?..... SUPRA doesn't think so either.


Why don't all photographers need the CBS code, but can enter with a SUPRA Key?

Some photographers will get their Realtor's license which allows them to get a Realtors SUPRAKey. ONLY licensed real estate agents can acquire a Realtor's SUPRAKey.

All other affiliated businesses such as photographers, pool cleaners, landscapers, stagers, cleaning crews, and such will have an Affiliates SUPRAKey AND require the CBS code to enter a property.


How Does A CBS Code Get Assigned To a SUPRA Box?

Every SUPRA lock-box has been assigned a unique CBS code before it leaves the factory. The CBS code is different for every SUPRA Box you use.

Although every SUPRA lock-box has been assigned a unique code by the factory, you can reset all of your SUPRA boxes to the same exact code to make it easy to remember.


How Do I Get My CBS Code?

Obtaining your CBS code for your SUPRA lock-box is very easy.

1.) The box came with paperwork when you leased or purchased the SUPRA lock-box. The code will be on a yellow sheet with stickers that contain the SUPRA serial number, the shackle code, and the CBS code.

2.) You can register your SUPRA box on the SUPRA website at ( Once you are registered, you can look up the shackle and CBS code at any time using their website.

3.) Call your local Realtor authority (HAR, KAR, etc...) and request the CBS code for your SUPRA box.